About us

GEI Elettronica

We have been designing and manufacturing evolved and high-performance electronic equipment for industry and geotechnical engineering since 2001.

GEI Elettronica was founded in 2001, in Parma, at the heart of the “Food & Motor Valley”, with the aim of designing and manufacturing electronic equipment for industry. In a short space of time, the company began specialising in the acquisition, management and conditioning of analogue signals, designing highly customised control cards based on the specific needs of its customers. 

In 2003, the Electronics Division was joined by the Geotechnical Engineering Division, which handles the design, manufacture and marketing at global level of branded dataloggers for data monitoring in the geotechnical engineering, hydrological and meteorological sectors.

In 2011, GEI Elettronica created the start-up Earth System S.r.l. in a joint venture, which specialises in the manufacture and marketing of geotechnical engineering instruments.

In 2013, in collaboration with the University of Parma, it created ASE S.r.l., a university spin-off, with a proprietary patent on an inclinometer chain that uses MEMS technology.

In 2017, it invested in the capital of Stern and Partner, a company operating in the photovoltaic sector.

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