Geotechnical division

GEI for geotechnical engineering

Design and development of a range of complete solutions

GEI Elettronica uses its expertise in the geotechnical engineering sector to design and fully develop a complete range of readouts and dataloggers for application in geotechnical, structural, hydrological and meteorological monitoring.

GEI geotechnical solutions are designed to satisfy a whole range of sector needs, with particular focus on the needs of the final customer.

GEI devices are widely used for the monitoring of tunnels, bridges, structures, dams, embankments, landslides, bulkheads and, in general, any environment in which there is a need to check deformations, inclinations, levels, strata, loads, etc.

Constant investments in Research & Development have allowed us to create a range of products that are appreciated by the market for their performance and reliability. The range and modularity of our dataloggers more than satisfy the static monitoring specifications of any construction, whether small, medium or large.

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