Evolved and custom solutions for geotechnical engineering and industrial electronics

The primary objective of GEI Elettronica is to provide its customers with innovative and custom solutions in the sectors of geotechnical engineering and industrial electronics.

Two decades of experience allow us to support the customer in all aspects, guaranteeing the supply of a finished product and laying the foundations for solid partnerships. GEI works with the customer throughout the entire product lifetime, including when new needs arise and for the development of new projects.

GEI concentrates its investments on Research & Development, on constant updating of the skills of its hardware and software engineers and on identifying the right production technologies.

The company management takes particular care in selecting suppliers and human resources. The goal is to remain competitive and to meet the challenges that customers and the market in general place before us.

For GEI, quality also means a proper after-sales service, which is why we are always there for our customers and ready to offer rapid and precise responses and solutions.

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