GDATA > 2.4MHz Wireless RS485

GDATA is a 2.4MHz Wireless RS485 to mesh radio Bridge. It is a Multi-Point Ready device, allowing communication to multiple radios or modules. The radio contains a long-range wireless SmartMeshIp radio transceiver.  GDATA is used to create a wireless RS232 or RS485 link. GDATA allows you to connect RS485 devices wirelessly when the direct wired connections are too expensive or have insufficient range, security or noise immunity. GDATA can also be used to wirelessly interconnect multiple separate RS485 busses. The 2.4GHz band is the most globally accepted unlicensed portion of the RF spectrum. GDATA module includes an on-board chip antenna and modular RF certifications. The MMCX antenna connector version is also availble.


  • Supply 4/13V dc. Optional 110/220Vac or solar panel
  • Current supply radio connection 30uA  
  • Operating temperature from -20 to +70°C
  • Protection Defined by the box type
  • Dimensions 36x32x90mm
  • Weight 75g + batt + case 
  • Cable interface RS485 
  • Radio interface Dust network


  • Time Synchronized, Channel Hopping Communications: >99.999% network reliability in even the most challenging RF environments
  • Sub 50µA Routers: Can build out a network without any line powered devices. Flexibility to be line powered or energy harvested if desired.
  • Can build out a network without any line powered devices. Flexibility to be line powered or energy harvested if desired.
  • Secure Mesh with 128-bit AES Encryption: NIST Certified Security. Compromise of one node does not compromise network.
  • Standards-based: Based on 6LoWPAN and IEEE 802.15.4e standards
  • Highly Accurate Time Stamping: Time stamping on every node is available to applications with millisecond accuracy


  • Advanced Network Management. Dynamically optimizes mesh connectivity based on the changing RF environment
  • Scalable Network Management. Manages Networks of Up to 100 Nodes 
  • Load Balancing and Optimization. Adds more bandwidth for the busiest motes while maintaining normal traffic flow for the rest of network
  • Deterministic Power Management and Optimization. Balances traffic so that power consumption is also balanced within the network
  • Sub 1mA Average Manager Current Consumption. Enables Battery-Powered Network Management
  • RF Modular Certifications. Pre-certified in USA, Canada, EU, Japan, and more