G201 > Acquisition Module for all types of analog instrumentations

G201 is an acquisition module for all types of analog instrumentation, designed to be used in geotechnical, structural and environmental monitoring. G201 can read different types of sensors with different signal types (4/20mA, mV/V, V, I) and all the vibrating wire instruments. It is also possible to read thermistor sensors as Pt100, NTC, etc. G201 is available in four versions: from 4 channels up to 16 channels (including also 8 and 12 channels). Each channel has one four poles terminal block which can be used to power the transducer or to receive the analog signals. The function of the 4-pole terminal block changes depending on with the type of the instrument connected to it. In case the transducer has only two wires (such as some 4/20mA, Vibrating Wire and the NTC sensors) each individual channel can be config­ured to read two instruments. For example, a Vibrating Wire sensor and its temperature values can be read on the same channel. In fact, each channel can be considered double and a 16 channels multiplexer can actually be used to read 32 channels, if the types of sensor allows it. So, G201 can become 4+4, 8+8, 12+12 and 16+16 channels.


  • Supply 12VDC. Optional 110/220Vac or solar panel
  • Current supply  1 Connection cable 270μA  • 2 internal with local battery 52μA
  • Operating Temperature from -20 to +70 °C
  • Protection defined by the box type
  • G201 channels number 4+ 4, 8+8, 12+12, 16+16
  • Dimensions 48-72-97-122 x 101 x 119 mm
  • Weight 277-405-533-656g
  • Measuring type V, mV / V, 4 / 20mA, VW, Pt100, NTC
  • Measurement resolution 24 bit (0.1 Hz for vibrating wire)
  • Supply voltage + 20V, + 12V, +/-12V , + 5V
  • G201 Comunication type RS485, GPRS/UMTS module RS232TTL


  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Hydrology
  • Meteorology


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