GMUX > Acquisition module

GMUX is an acquisition module for all types of analog instrumentation, designed to be used in geotechnical, structural and environmental monitoring. The module is created as an accessory device to a G801 datalogger, with which it is connected via cable or via radio. GMUX can read different types of sensors with different signal types (4-20mA, mV/V, V) and all the vibrating wire instruments.  It is also possible to read thermistor sensors as Pt100, NTC, etc. Upon request of one of the input digital channels, coming from a G801 module, GMUX provides the correct power supply to the analog channel,  and,  after some time (which can be set and changed), starts the acquisition of the electric signal. The information turns back to the G801 module, which has requested it (always on the same digital channel). So, you can connect more than one GMUX to the same digital channel but in this case every GMUX should be identified by a unique code. GMUX is available in four versions: from 4 channels up to 16 channels (including also 8 and 12 channels).


  • Current supply 30mA in standby. Zero with RS485 connection
  • Operating temperature from -20/+70°C
  • MUX channels number 4+4ch, 8+8ch, 12+12ch, 16+16ch
  • Measuring type V, mV/V,  4-20mA, VW, Pt100, NTC
  • N. Multiplexer supported up to 255 for RS485 port, max 512
  • N. channels supported up to 32 for MUX, max 16320
  • Measurement resolution 24 bit V mV/V, 4/20mA, Pt100, NTC 0.1Hz, VW
  • Supply voltage + 20V, + 12V, +/-12V, + 5V
  • MUX communication type      RS485, Dust Network


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